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Welcome to TanteItalie!  TanteItalie BV is the Expert when it comes to Italian matters.
Is your business related to Italy? Do you want to start a professional relationship in Italy or with Italian partners? We can help you navigate the Italian culture, etiquette, protocols and business manners through dedicated workshops, events, creative and business-oriented team-building activities (either in Italy or in NL), localisation and communication services, logistics, IT consultancy, and more.


There is always something brilliant when Italians are involved in event organisation. We can add to your business event an authentic Italian touch to make things more enjoyable, with precision and professional results. All our catering services are prepared by professional Italian chefs.

Have a look at our offer on the ItalianDeck website. Click on the picture below.



Also, we can add value to your internal or external communications with our integrated communication and video-production services to make your brand memorable: see our last videos at our FilmShade website. Click on the picture below to enter Filmshade.


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